Kayaker Rescued off South Trescott, ME

The Coast Guard rescued a 66-year-old man Sunday, April 30, after his kayak overturned near Baileys Mistake, near South Trescott, Maine.

The man radioed Sector Northern New England watchstanders on VHF 16 at about 4:20 p.m. stating he was uncertain of his location and was unable to get back into his 17’ kayak.

A 29’ response boat small boat crew from Station Eastport arrived on scene and recovered the man, who was suffering mild hypothermic conditions. The crew took him to Cutler, Maine where Emergency Medical Services was waiting.

The kayaker made several good decisions that resulted in his rescue:

  • He was wearing a dry suit that thermally protected him from the 44-degree water.
  • He had a handheld marine radio, which he used to notify the Coast Guard.
  • He activated a Personal Locator Beacon, directing rescuers to his position.

“The only reason he’s alive is because he prepared for the worst case scenario,” said Capt. Michael Baroody, commander of Sector Northern New England.  “He didn’t know exactly where he was, but the beacon did. And that dry suit significantly boosted his survival time.”