Kelp Could be Moneymaker on Long Island

Kelp Could be Moneymaker on Long Island
Baby Sugar Kelp Wrap, photo/Ocean Approved.

The Suffolk Times: It’s a delicacy Asian cultures have enjoyed for centuries but is more commonly thought of as the slippery — and sometimes slimy — brown stuff that grows naturally in area waters and then washes up on beaches.

And one day, it could be a major moneymaker for [Long Island’s] North Fork.

Though regional cash crops are typically cultivated on land, aquaculturists are pushing state and county lawmakers [in New York] to permit the growing and selling of sugar kelp, or seaweed. They say the salty yet sweet leafy sea vegetable could benefit the economy, the environment, and even put baymen back to work at a time when making a living on the water is becoming increasingly difficult.

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