Kelsey Island, CT, Highlights Environmental Challenges

Photo/Video Capture: Brandford Patch

Writer Nicole Ball of the Branford Patch recently visited Kelsey Island off Branford and East Haven, Connecticut, to examine changes to the island after Tropical Storm Irene and to highlight the many challenges facing Long Island Sound marine environment as a whole.

Here’s an excerpt:

SAT map

Last week’s rather grim State of the Sound report issued by the Connecticut Fund for the Environment’s stewardship organization Save the Sound revealed that our coast might be in some jeopardy.

Years of compiling data to issue grades for Connecticut and New York resulted in the states receiving a C+ for combined efforts.

In the report introduction, author Tom Anderson wrote:

“Long Island Sound exists now in a state of permanent crisis. Lobsters have all but vanished. Oysters, carefully restored with infusions of money from taxpayers and the private sector, succumbed to 2 diseases and are only now starting to revive. Winter flounder disappeared. The water on average has gotten warmer; warm-water species are replacing coldwater species. Salt marshes are dying. And hypoxia returns every summer—sometimes bad, sometimes not so bad, sometimes critically bad.”

To read the full article:

Branford Patch


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