Kingman Yacht Center to Create Wastewater Treatment Plant

Kingman Yacht Center to Create Wastewater Treatment Plant
Kingman Yacht Center, Photo/New England Boating, Tom Richardson

An excellent article on the Buzzards Bay Coalition website details the unique partnership between Kingman Yacht Center and environmental groups that is working to reduce nitrogen pollution in Red Brook Harbor, located in Bourne, MA, on Cape Cod.

Since 2000, the health of Red Brook Harbor has been in steady decline, according to the article. The inner harbor’s Health Index hovers alarmingly close to what is considered “poor”. Compare that figure to the mid-1990s, when the inner portion of Red Brook Harbor scored an “excellent” health rating. The reason for this drop in the harbor’s health is excess nitrogen—much of it leaching from home septic systems—which fuels the growth of algae blooms that lead to murky water, reduced oxygen, fewer eelgrass beds, and lower fish and shellfish populations.

To get the marina off septic systems, Kingman is constructing a private neighborhood-scale wastewater facility that will treat sewage from the marina and a new development of 15 townhouses next door called the Red Brook Harbor Club. This private wastewater facility will be able to treat more sewage than the marina and the new townhomes will produce, so KYC owner Scott Zeien is proposing a solution that will cut down pollution not just from his properties, but from the nearby Cedar Point neighborhood. The facility will be able to take wastewater from about 52 Cedar Point homes, which would remove those homes from septic systems.

By connecting the marina, the new townhomes, and the Cedar Point neighborhood to an advanced wastewater treatment facility, the Coalition estimates that will reduce nitrogen pollution in Red Brook Harbor by approximately 2,400 pounds per year.

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