LifeSaver Liberty Water Filtration Bottle

LifeSaver’s new 14 oz. water-filtration bottle filters 99.9999% of all bacteria and 99.999% of all viruses, allowing you to drink even muddy, murky, questionable water. It’s a great solution for paddlers, fishermen and other outdoor enthusiasts.

Liberty water bottle features:

  • Portable solution to water filtration
  • Drink fresh water straight from the bottle
  • 14 oz. size
  • Removes bacteria, viruses and cysts
  • Filters up to 2,000 liters
  • Failsafe technology; no longer works when filter replacement is needed
  • No chemicals or electricity required; pump 3-5 times for drinkable water in seconds
  • Built in scavenger pump system allow you to draw water from nearly any water source
  • LifeSaver Liberty can be connected to Camelback, Nalgene, or Hydroflask wide mouth bottles with its built-in threaded head
  • 5 exclusive colors to choose from

Price: $100