LiveTarget Flutter Sardine

LiveTarget’s versatile new Flutter Sardine jigging spoon (winner of the Best Saltwater Hard Bait category in the ICAST 2019 New Product Showcase Awards), employs Injected Core Technology to produce an ultra-realistic sardine profile and strike-provoking action.

The exceptionally lifelike Inner-Core closely mimics a real sardine in every detail, from dark eyes and gill slits to proportionally correct scaled bodies and graduated color patterns that are dark on top and lighter toward the bottom. The metallic Inner-Core also produces a strobe-like flash that shines incredibly bright to attract game fish, even in deep, dark water. The Inner-Core’s realism is further supported by an encapsulating clear-plastic Exo-Skin that helps create the lure’s impressive action.


The Flutter Sardine’s Exo-Skin is virtually invisible underwater and creates a unique action that saltwater fish love. The bait shimmies for 60% to 70% of the drop, while also adding a seductive and sporadic cradle-style action that rocks front to back. The cradle action is further complemented by an occasional swinging movement, creating a highly versatile lure that excels throughout the water column and in multiple presentations.


The Flutter Sardine comes in five weights—3/8 oz.; 1/2 oz.; 3/4 oz.; 1 oz. (28 g); and 1 1/2 oz.— and 6 realistic forage-matching colors.


Price: $9.99