MA Gravel Pit Owner Fined for Wetland Violations

MA Gravel Pit Owner Fined for Wetland Violations
Photo Illustration/New England Boating

econewsRI: The Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) recently fined Hull Forestlands LP $24,000 and required wetland restoration to resolve violations of the state Wetlands Protection Act (WPA) related to the expansion of a gravel pit into a riverfront area in Williamsburg, Massachusetts.

Through an ongoing review of MassGIS aerial photographs, DEP determined that the gravel pit off Old Goshen Road had been expanded, without permits, into the riverfront area of the Mill River and Rogers Brook, both cold-water fisheries that flow along the west side of the gravel pit.

In July 2013, DEP conducted an onsite inspection and observed that violations included clearing of vegetation and excavation of soil of about 1 acre in the riverfront area. Riverfront areas are protected under the WPA. Riverfront areas protect fisheries and maintain the ecological health of these waterway areas, according to DEP.

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