MA Marina to Clean Up Foam Polluting Cove

Unprotected polystyrene foam floats were once used under the docks at the Leisure Shores Marina. They deteriorated, polluting a nearby salt marsh and beach. (Buzzards Bay Coalition)
 Photo credit: Buzzards Bay Coalition

A salt marsh littered with pieces of polystyrene foam will be cleaned up by a marina in Mattapoisett, Massachusetts that caused the pollution, according to an article on

The floating docks at Leisure Shores Marina on Brandt Island Cove have been held up for years with large squares of old, deteriorating foam, according to the Buzzards Bay Coalition (BBC). Pieces of foam now litter the nearby salt marsh — some as tiny as grains and pebbles. Clean, healthy salt marshes are important because they provide habitat for fish, shellfish and birds, according to the BBC.

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