MA Sets 2018 Regs for Fluke, Scup & Sea Bass

The Massachusetts Division of Marine Fisheries (DMF) has published its 2018 recreational regulations for fluke (summer flounder), black sea bass, scup, and tautog. A public hearing will be held in June prior to implementing final regulations.


Fishery Open Season Possession Limit* Minimum Size
Fluke Fluke: May 23–October 9 5 fish 17”
Black Sea Bass Sea Bass: May 19–September 1 5 fish 15”
Scup Scup: >May 1–December 31 30 fish 9”
(45 fish allowance on for-hire vessels May 1–June 30)
Tautog: April 1–May 31 3 fish 16”
Tautog: June 1–July 31 1 fish
Tautog August 1–October 14 3 fish
Tautog: October 15–December 31 5 fish
(10 fish maximum per private/rental vessel, year-round)

* Possession limits are per person per day, unless otherwise noted.