MA Striped Bass Conservation License Plate Available

The Massachusetts Dept. of Marine Fisheries the Massachusetts Environmental Trust are currently collecting orders for the new Massachusetts Striped Bass Conservation license plate. Once enough orders have been received (at least 750), the orders will be delivered to the Registry of Motor Vehicles and the printing of the plates will occur.

All proceeds from the purchase of Striped Bass Conservation plates will be administered by MET. They will depend on the expertise of a select panel to establish priorities and recommend projects for funding. This panel will include DMF’s striped bass stock assessment scientists, an academic researcher, an environmental advocacy organization representative, a recreational fishing representative, and a commercial fishing representative.

Funds from the sale of this plate will be used to:

  • Study striped bass populations, stock structure, movements, and local ecology
  • Improve passageways for sea-run fish (e.g., river herring, eels), expanding forage food options for striped bass
  • Study angler practices to improve hook-and-release survival
  • Develop materials and programs to educate anglers about the importance of responsible angling strategies


How to apply for a License Plate

To apply for the Striped Bass Conservation license plate, complete the below form and return to the Division of Marine Fisheries with a $40 check.

You will be contacted by the Registry of Motor Vehicles (RMV) after the plates have been printed. You will be instructed to go to your chosen RMV office to purchase your new Striped Bass Conservation plate. Your $40 payment will be credited towards the purchase price of the new plate.

Application Link


Open PDF file, 64.06 KB, forApplication for the Massachusetts Striped Bass Conservation License Plate(PDF 64.06 KB)