Maine Fishermen Protest Proposed Bluefin Limits

School of bluefin tuna, photo/NOAA Fisheries Service.
School of bluefin tuna, photo/NOAA Fisheries Service.

Maine Public Broadcasting Network: Maine’s congressional delegation is urging federal regulators to revise proposed rule changes for the management of Atlantic bluefin tuna. The concern—which is shared by lawmakers from other coastal New England states—is that the region’s traditional, nearshore tuna fleet is being unfairly targeted for a problem over which they have no control. But federal regulators say that’s not the case. Tom Porter has more.

Stephen Wiener of Ogunquit has been fishing for tuna for more than 40 years. During that time, stocks have declined dramatically, and regulators from several countries—including the U.S.—have imposed quotas to try and conserve the species.

“We would like to see this problem solved, but not on our backs—not taking fish from us to solve it,” Wiener says.

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