Maine Groundings Raise Safety Concerns

The Wendameen is towed off the ledge by Capt. Warner Ogden of Sea Tow Portland-Midcoast Maine.

Portland Press Herald: The Portland Harbor Commission wants to meet with charter boat operators to explore steps to improve safety in the harbor, in response to 3 groundings of charter boats in the past 13 months.

Opponents of changes say the problems of one company—all 3 boats that ran aground are owned by Portland Schooner Co.—should not trigger a wave of new regulation.

“We have a whole lot of regulations to adhere to and we don’t need anyone else overseeing us, as far as I’m concerned,” said Bill Frappier III, owner of Portland Discovery Land and Sea Tours, which operates three tour boats. “It comes down to owners assessing whether captains they hire are familiar with Casco Bay and the waters they navigate in.”

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Portland Press Herald

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