Maine Lobster Industry Receives Sustainability Award

Maine governor Paul LePage announced at the International Boston Seafood Show that the Maine lobster fishery has received the Marine Stewardship Council’s Sustainable Seafood Certification.

“The Marine Stewardship Council’s certification will provide the Maine lobster industry with a globally-recognized seal of approval,” said LePage. “This certification recognizes our longstanding practices of good stewardship and ensures that every lobster caught in Maine waters can be marketed not only as delicious, healthy food, but also as a resource that meets the most stringent international environmental standard for seafood sustainability.”

Efforts to support marketing for the Maine lobster have received widespread support in the wake of last season when supply exceeded demand, resulting in the lowest per pound prices in over twenty years. “This places greater emphasis on the need for effective marketing and highlights the unique marketing advantage MSC certification provides,” said LePage.

The Marine Stewardship Council is the premier international certification program for wild-capture fisheries. MSC certification is the only seafood certification program that meets all the major international standards on sustainable fishing, ecosystem protection, and eco-labeling. Currently, more than 100 fisheries worldwide are MSC certified.

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