Maine Moves to Ban Ethanol in Gasoline

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Sun Journal: No matter how hard the Green Lobby pushes ethanol in gasoline, there is no debate: it is the scourge of outboard motors, 4-strokes included. Currently all Maine gasoline contains 10% ethanol, which is alcohol made from corn. There is a move afoot at the national level to add an even higher ethanol content (15%) to our gasoline at the pump. Environmentalism has run amok!

Maine can ban ethanol gasoline if it has a mind to; all it takes is state legislators with gumption. There is at least one state lawmaker who is on the right track. Rep. Jeff Timberlake from Turner is sponsoring LD 115: “An Act to Join in a Prohibition on Motor Fuel Containing Corn-Based Ethanol.” This winter an outright Maine ban of ethanol gasoline seemed out of reach, but that is no longer the case. The House recently voted 109-32 in favor of Timberlake’s bill, which will ban the sale of ethanol-containing gasoline in the state. There is a catch though: The prohibition would only take effect if 2 other New England states passed similar laws. New Hampshire is close to an outright ban of ethanol gasoline.

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