Maine Offers 2015 Boating Education Courses


Maine Boaters Education
Maine Boaters Education

While a boating education certificate is not required to operate a vessel in Maine waters (note PWC exception below), the state encourages boaters to take a boating education course, which covers how to properly operate and maintain a boat, as well as current boating laws, responsibilities and personal safety. Passage of a final exam is required to receive a course certificate, and will often fulfill the boating-education requirements of other states.

Note: Persons 16 years of age and under 18 years of age may not operate a personal watercraft unless they possess, on their person, identification showing proof of age and proof of successful completion of a boating education and safety course, or unless they are accompanied by a person 18 years of age or older who physically occupies the personal watercraft.

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New courses will be posted as they become available.




Total Course: 6 Hours

  • Proper Operation & Safety (Boating Handling, Equipment, Trailering): 3 Hours
  • Laws: 30 Minutes
  • Emergencies & Survival (cold water): 40 Minutes
  • Self Help First Aid: 20 Minutes
  • Environment/Ethics: 1 1/2 Hours


If you are unable to locate a course in your area, contact the Regional Safety Coordinator or the Recreational Safety Division Office at (207) 287-5220.

Unknown-1 (1)Boaters can also take the course online for a fee of $90. America’s Boating Education Online Course can be taken in any of 3 ways: on the Internet, by studying an 80-page course manual or with a CD. Participants will receive a package that includes the course manual, the boating course CD, and a PIN number for access to the internet course. An in-person exam and course fee are required to complete this course. The America’s Boating Education Course is the only online course recognized by the state of Maine at this time.