Maine Seeks Help with Smelt

Rainbow Smelt, photo Wikipedia
Rainbow Smelt, photo Wikipedia

The Maine Department of Marine Resources is asking the public for help in collecting data on rainbow smelt.

Smelt anglers who volunteer for the program are asked to collect data in a logbook about both ice fishing and the spring fishery. The angler records information about fish harvested or released during each trip for themselves and any fishing companions. Information about each trip is also recorded, including time spent fishing, location fished, number of anglers, lengths of fish, and other species caught. At the end of the season each angler mails his/her logbook to us, which we then copy and send back to the angler.

To sign up for the logbook program, e-mail or call Chris Uraneck (207-633-9526) or Claire Enterline (207-624-6341).

For more information on the program go to Maine DMR website HERE.