Maine Wardens Rescue Men on Penobscot River

Two men on a hunting excursion were rescued by game wardens in a hovercraft after trying to cross the icy Penobscot River in northern Maine on Saturday, Nov. 30.

Hunter Cote, 18, and his uncle, Jason Hartley, 42, both of Millinocket, were trying to cross the river in a 14-foot aluminum boat without an engine and with a canoe in tow when they became stuck amid thin ice.

Cote entered the canoe and paddled to shore, where he tried to pull Hartley and the aluminum boat to safety. However, the rope attached to the boat broke, setting Hartley adrift and down a set of rapids.

At the bottom of the rapids, the boat became stuck in the ice again.

Wardens in the hovercraft soon rescued Hartley, then Cote, who was still on the river bank.

Both Cote and Hartley were wearing life jackets and were uninjured.