Maine’s Most Unusual Regatta? There’s only one event that I know of—besides the flow of drugs from Floyd to The Village and the flow of cash from The Village to Floyd—that involves both halves of the island.

The event is officially known as the Grand Seal Island Annual Inland Regatta, but because it’s held each year on a tiny stream called Minot’s Trickle, and because the name “Minot’s Trickle” sounds enough like “Minnow’s Tinkle” to make the stoned Villagers snicker, everyone pretty much calls it “Minnow’s Tinkle,” or “The Tinkle,” or often just “The Tink.”

Minot’s Trickle is actually not so much a stream as a moist patch that twists along the center of the island like the trail of an incontinent snake. But the near-total absence of water doesn’t hinder the brave sailors from The Village. In fact, The Tink is one of the biggest events of the year on GSI.

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