Maine’s River Run Tours Profiled in Paper

Capt. Ed Rice, who has served as a de facto correspondent for New England Boating, sending news and reports from Maine’s Bath area, was interviewed by Patrick Gabrion for a recent Times Record article.

The story details Rice’s unique River Run Tours of the Kennebec and surrounding waterways. The tours are intimate and often customized trips aboard RRT’s stable, comfortable pontoon boat, with Rice dispensing local information and insights from behind the helm.

Here’s an excerpt:

“For one’s viewing pleasure, Maine has plenty to offer.

Rivers. Lakes. Wildlife. Sunrises and sunsets. Miles of coastline. Picturesque villages. Mountains. Trees … and more trees. The list is seemingly endless.

Most of us take in these pleasing settings by way of car, by walking or even by hopping onto a bicycle or motorcycle.

But there is another way. By boat.

One person who offers this service with a unique view is Captain Ed Rice, the owner of River Run Tours out of Bath.

“You cannot see ‘The Real Maine’ from the road … period,” said Rice, who grew up in West Bath. “There are stretches of water … where we will cruise for great distances and see nothing man-made.”

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