Video: Making a Waterproof Marine Terminal Connector

In the accompanying video, New England Boating’s Tom Richardson shows how to make a waterproof terminal connector for marine applications. Here are the basic steps involved:

Step 1

Select the proper gauge wire based on the wire length and amperage needs. Always use marine-grade, tinned-copper wire.

Step 2

Remove ¼” of the wire insulation.

Step 3

Select the proper size ring connector for the wire. Ring connectors are preferred over spade connectors as they cannot be pulled off the terminal. Also, use connectors featuring epoxy-coated heat shrink tubing.

Step 4

Slide the end of the wire into the connector and crimp using a crimping tool that applies even pressure to both sides of the sleeve.

Step 5

Test the connection by tugging on the end of the wire.

Step 6

Use a heat gun to apply even heat to the heat shrink tubing. Heat until the epoxy bubbles out the end of the sleeve.