Man Lays Claim to Bow of Historic Maine Schooner

A closeup of Hesper's final remains circa 1998
A closeup of Hesper’s final remains circa 1998

Bangor Daily News: The recently rediscovered remains of Wiscasset’s historic 4-masted schooners Luther Little and Hesper revived a decades-old dispute about the ownership of the salvaged remains. Jay Siegars, of Westport Island, was on hand at the Wiscasset Board of Selectmen meeting Tuesday, Nov. 17 to lay claim to the bow of the Hesper, which was recently unearthed at the town’s old landfill.

According to Siegars, a few days after the Hesper caught fire on July 4, 1978, he found the bow of the ship adrift on the Sheepscot River, past the Westport Island bridge, and personally transported it to shore, where the town took control of it.


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