Man Swims with Shark off Cape Cod

Basking Shark, photo/Wikipedia.

CapeCodToday: WHDH-TV is reporting that while fishing, Erik Jacobs decided to hop in the water hoping to get up close and personal with a 20′ basking shark. Tony Lacasse of New England Aquarium told WHDH that basking sharks may be huge—the second largest swimmer in the sea—but they are for the most part, harmless.

When Jacobs saw the giant shark, he decided to jump in and join it for a swim–a swim his friends caught on video. Although he wasn’t in danger of being bitten, Lacasse said the outcome could have been deadly if the shark had breached. Jacobs, made it back to his boat safely.

To read more:

Cape Cod Today

Video Report:WHDH-TV

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