Marshall Marine to Build Sakonnet 23

The Sakonnet 23 under sail.

The molds and tooling for the Sakonnet 23, formerly built by Edey & Duff of Mattapoisett, Massachusetts, which recently closed its doors, have been sold to another venerable builder, Marshall Marine Corp. of South Dartmouth, Massachusetts. Marshall, established in 1962, is well known for its line of classic catboats, including the 22’ Marshall Cat, the 19’ Sanderling and the 15’ Sandpiper.

The Marshall Marine yard in South Dartmouth, MA.

“We’re excited about adding the Sakonnet 23 to our line,” said Geoff Marshall, son of Marshall Marine founder Breck Marshall and now president of the company. “We just got the molds, so we’re still going through the learning process, but we’re looking forward to continuing the tradition started by Edey & Duff.”

The Marshall Marine Shop

Edey & Duff was recently forced to shut down following the 2010 deaths of former owner John Harding (January) and general manager David Davignon (December). Harding’s widow, Kathryn, who assumed ownership following her husband’s passing, says it was a “tough decision” to close the 40-year-old boatbuilding business, which turned out such classics as the Stonehorse 23, the Dough Dish, the Fatty Knees, the Stuart Knockabout and, at one time, the Conch 27 center console. Molds and tooling for the Fatty Knees have been sold to Dave Foynes, who is seeking a suitable location for building the vessel. Harding says that the molds for the Stonehorse are still available, and that she would sell them for $500 or less to a willing party. Molds and tooling for the Dough Dish and Stuart Knockabout are available as well.

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