Mid-Summer Fuel Filter Change

The Importance of Fuel Filters
Photo/The Importance of Fuel Filters

Believe it or not, it’s midseason already, which means you should probably change your fuel-water separator filter and check it for signs of water, even if you haven’t used your boat a lot.

Playing it safe could head off potential headaches later this season. If you find water in the filter contents, you’ll need to find out where it came from—and make sure there’s not more of it in your tank!

For some dramatic examples of why you need a fuel filter, or fuel-water separator, on your boat, look no further than the accompanying video.

John Bernier of North Atlantic Marine Services in Wareham, Massachusetts, sees plenty of horror stories in the making when he pulls the filters from his customers’ boats at the end of the season. In fact, he estimates that as much as 75 percent of the filters he changes contain water, sediment or other contaminants.

In the video, Bernier emphasizes the importance of fuel filters, and discusses some of the finer points of filter selection. He also shows some examples of water captured by the filter (“a filter doing its job”), and talks about how often you should change the filter and examine the fuel inside.