Montauk’s Old Fishing Village Remembered

Montauk's fishing village (1936) Photo/The Montauk Library.
Montauk’s fishing village (1936) Photo/The Montauk Library. Sitting inside the senior center at the Montauk Playhouse [in Montauk, New York] on Saturday [August 23, 2014], 89-year-old Eugene Beckwith pointed to a framed copy of the old fishing village on Fort Pond Bay.

His family had lived on plot 90, in a small fishing shack that had one bedroom, a pot-belly stove and an outhouse. While his sister slept on a small cot in the kitchen, he slept on the living room couch.

But it was a good life, a close-knit life, that Mr. Beckwith remembers and is eager to reminisce about. And he is adamant that others know about how Montauk’s early fishing village came to be moved made from Fort Pond Bay toward the ocean in the first half of the 20th century.

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