More Chesapeake Striper Poaching Uncovered

Photo by Tony Friedrich, CCA Executive Director. Courtesy ## CCAMaryland##

The uncovering of illegal gillnets in Chesapeake Bay continued on Wednesday, February 2, as Maryland’s Natural Resources Police (NRP) found more anchored nets near Bloody Point off Kent Island. In 2 days NRP officers have pulled nets containing approximately 10 tons of illegally caught striped bass. This is the largest infraction of this kind since the end of the moratorium.

Baltimore Sun: February 2, 2011: For the second consecutive day, Natural Resources Police officers pulled illegal nets from the Chesapeake Bay Wednesday filled to the brim with striped bass.

In total, they have seized 10 tons of illegally caught fish, the largest haul of its type since the end of the rockfish moratorium more than two decades ago.

After detecting poachers’ nets Monday night, patrol boats with grappling hooks snagged nets near Bloody Point at the southern tip of Kent Island Tuesday morning, Tuesday night and again Wednesday afternoon. They pulled up 2.8 tons, 3.5 tons and 3.5 tons.

In addition, an officer found a 2,100-yard submerged net Sunday in the Choptank River. It had just three fish in it, indicating it had been freshly set.

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CCA Executive Director Tony Friedrich and State Chairmen Ed Liccione were at the site of the offloading of these fish and took photos and video documenting the results of the poaching.

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Day One Video:

Illegal gill nets discovered off Bloody Point Maryland and off loaded at Matapeake State Park on 2.1.11. Video taken b Coastal Conservation Association Maryland

Day Two Video:

Illegal gill nets captured by Natural Resources Officers near Bloody Point Maryland. Take by Coastal Conservation Association Maryland

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