Nantucket Exhibit Examines Essex Sinking Aftermath


Ron Howard Film Examines Ordeal of Whaleship Essex
This sperm whaling scene by an anonymous American whaler. (Courtesy of the New Bedford Whaling Museum.)

Nantucket Inquirer & Mirror: In November 1820, the Nantucket whaleship Essex was rammed and sunk by a sperm whale, sending 20 crew members into 3 whaleboats to fend for themselves on the vast Pacific Ocean. The group attempted to sail thousands of miles to safety with little food and water, and tried in many ways to save themselves.

Visitors to the Nantucket Historical Association will have a chance to follow the crew on their journey, beginning on Nantucket in the island’s whaling heyday, in the NHA’s new exhibit [at the Whaling Museum] “Stove by a Whale: 20 Men, 3 Boats, 96 Days.”

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