Nantucket Landmark Torn Down

Boaters should note the removal of a key landmark on Nantucket charts. The old standpipe water tower on Sconset’s New Street was dismantled and removed from Nantucket last week.

Chart of area.

After standing sentinel over Sconset since 1925, the 190,000-gallon tank was taken apart and sold as scrap. The completion of a new $3.5 million Sconset water tower off Milestone Road last year rendered the old standpipe obsolete.

According to the Nantucket Inquirer and Mirror, the old tank had an interesting history. Originally built by the Chicago Iron Works, it was shipped to Sconset from the Pittsburgh area in 1925, according to the oral and written history of the Siasconset Water Department. Town Meeting voters that year approved a $60,000 appropriation to purchase the tank and build a new pumping station. By comparison, it cost the Wannacomet Water Company $37,000 to dismantle and remove the old tank.

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