Narragansett Bay East Passage Navigation Alert

This map shows the course to be used in a northwest wind. The recreational boating corridor runs along the east side of Conanicut Island. Sat Map

Boaters and fishermen in Narragansett Bay should be aware that a large portion of the East Passage will be closed to boating traffic during the America’s Cup World Series, taking place through July 1, 2012. However, a narrow corridor along Conanicut Island will remain open to traffic. A 5-knot speed limit will be enforced in the vicinity of the race course as well. Vessels needing special consideration to enter or transit through the Safety Zone may contact the Coast Guard via VHF 16.

Racing will take place in 1 of 2 areas, depending on wind direction and velocity (see accompanying maps). The East Passage will be closed to commercial vessels from approximately 1300 to 1730 on race days. The area along the western shore of Fort Adams will be closed at all times to vessels.

Note that 35’ to 50’ sailboats known as stake boats (bearing official America’s Cup flags on their masts) will mark the outline of the restricted area. As a default, stake boats will patrol the perimeter of the full race area 1 hour prior to the race start. When the Race Committee feels confident in wind direction and course configuration the stake boats will move closer to the actual race course.

This map shows the course to be used in a southwest wind.

Start sequence countdown and Course Marshal information will be broadcast on VHF Channel 88A. Live broadcast and commentary can be found at

You can see the full race schedule HERE.

Boaters wishing to view the races from the water should be advised that the water will not afford an ideal view, especially given the amount of security and official race boats patrolling the perimeter. The best viewing location is at the America’s Cup Village at Fort Adams, which can be accessed via water taxi from Newport or Conanicut Marine in Jamestown. (America’s Cup Guide Info HERE).

Boaters are encouraged to dock at a marina, rent a mooring, or arrive via dinghy or tender at one of the public dinghy docks available on Newport Harbor.

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