Narragansett Bay Towns Turn Tide Against Stormwater Run-Off

Photo courtesy/NOAA
Photo courtesy/NOAA

Communities around Rhode Island’s Narragansett Bay are seeing better water quality after making improvements to prevent polluted stormwater from reaching the bay, according to an article in the Providence Journal.

In Bristol, Rhode Island, pavement was reduced, trees were planted to discourage Canada geese from landing and fouling a picnic area, wildflower gardens were put in the parking lot to capture runoff, and a pipe that carried runoff into the bay from a nearby neighborhood was diverted into a gravelly, vegetated “bioremediation” area where it can be naturally filtered and treated.

“We used to have eight closures a year,” said Bristol Parks and Recreation Director Walter Burke. This summer, he said, “We’re one of the only beaches that hasn’t been closed. Not only that, the [bacteria] numbers are very low.”

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