NavPod PedestalPod 70 Degree Mount

NavPod’s new PedestalPod 70 Degree electronics mounts are specifically designed for protection of marine electronics on the bow of sportfishing boats.

PedestalPods position electronic displays 12″ above the deck at an ideal 70-degree viewing angle. The tough and rugged, black powder-coated 4″ aluminum pedestal base is designed to accommodate the latest trend towards larger 12″ and 16″ displays. The convenient 360-degree swivel allows a completely customized position, giving anglers easy access to the fishfinder/chartplotter and allows boat covers to fit over the mount with ease.

PedestalPods are designed to resist impact, vibration and moisture ingress, and are crafted with a thick-gauge, UV-stable, acrylic-capped ABS material that is built specifically with structural rigidity in mind. The NavPod housing incorporates a double gasket system that provides a watertight seal to keep spray off of electrical connections. Electronic displays easily flush mount into the precut housing and all wires and connections are routed internally through the pedestal base.

NavPod’s 70 degree PedestalPod is available for all 12″ and 16″ displays from all major marine electronic manufacturers. NavPod offers a 10-year warranty on all Gen3 NavPods. PowerPods and PedestalPods.

For more information visit the NavPod website.