Fall Fishing in the Adirondacks

In October 2017, the crew of New England Fishing TV enjoyed an incredible trip to the Adirondacks, just as the fall foliage was reaching its peak. Home base was Ampersand Bay Resort & Boat Club on beautiful Saranac Lake, where local fishing guru Jason Cole guided host Tom Richardson to some great fishing. You can watch the final product above!

The two kicked things off by fly fishing a section of the famed Ausable River, which flows nearby. Unfortunately, the river level was high after recent rains, and the trout were hard to come by in the strong current.

Richardson wades into the swift-flowing Ausable. Photo AJ Derosa

The lake fishing was a different story. With a few hours of daylight to spare, Jason and Tom launched a Tracker bass boat at the lodge and ran to a quiet cove on Saranac Lake filled with underwater weeds. And lurking among those weeds were some huge northern pike (Jason has caught them to 41 inches). Almost immediately, Jason hooked up on a white spinner blade, only to lose the fish at boatside. No matter, as 10 minutes later Tom connected with another “Saranac gator.”

Tom Richardson displays a northern pike taken in a weed-filled cove on Saranac Lake. Photo Steve Wyman

With a pair of pike captured on camera, Jason and Tom switched gears and set out a deep-diving swimming plug, which they trolled through a deep channel. On the second pass, Tom hooked a smallmouth bass in the 4-pound range, followed by an even larger fish. The action continued for the next hour, with huge bronzebacks coming over the side, one after the other.

Spectacular fall foliage is part of the fishing experience on Saranac. Photo AJ Derosa

If you’ve never fished the Adirondacks before, this episode will have you packing your bags! For more information on fishing and visiting the Saranac Lakes region, read “Escape to the Adirondacks.”