New Kayak/Canoe Launch Opens in Marshfield, MA


A new kayak and canoe launch site has been installed on the South River in Marshfield, MA. This access point was recently created by the Town of Marshfield in partnership with the North-South Rivers Watershed Alliance and Good Will Hunters—all members of the Friends of the South River Park and Greenway—as part of a vision to further enhance public access to the South River in the downtown area of Marshfield.


photo North-South Rivers Watershed Alliance

The new launch is located downstream from Willow Street, at the Francis Keville Footbridge. The Keville Footbridge was constructed in 2001, and is accessible via a 0.15-mile path that extends behind the CVS on Ocean Street, as well as a 0.25-mile trail that originates on South River Street. Both access points are along a decommissioned section of the Old Colony Railroad. Paddlers should be aware that launching here requires carrying their vessel a fairly good distance or using a cart.

There is a gate in the middle of the bridge that opens onto a tall metal gangway. The gangway is steep, but it has railings and a non-slip surface, and is wide enough to accommodate a person carrying a kayak. The gangway leads to a large float.

From this point, paddlers can access the upper and middle portions of the South River, a beautiful and scenic waterway surrounded by acres of tidal marsh and teeming with birdlife.