New Map Documents New England Shipwrecks

New England Boating was recently sent a copy of National Geographic Map’s new Shipwrecks of the Northeast map, and it is pretty remarkable.

Detail: Provincetown

This handsome map illustrates the more than 5,400 known shipwrecks that have occurred on the Atlantic coast of New England, and when you see the amount of wreck icons that pepper the chart, the dangers of early boating hit home in dramatic fashion.

The wrecks are marked atop bathymetric and coastal detail, and each wreck site is symbolized to define the class, type and name of vessel, accompanied by the date of sinking. The reason for the sinking (e.g., combat or weather) is also indicated.

Detail: Nantucket

The map includes insets for Nantucket Sound, Cape Cod Bay, Martha’s Vineyard, Rhode Island’s Narragansett Bay and the Boston Harbor Islands. Captions and drawings mark historical events from the mid-1600s to 20th-century. The first fully authenticated pirate ship, Whydah, is also highlighted in the Pirates of New England section of the map.

The map would make a great gift for anyone interested in the maritime history of New England.


  • Detail: Boston Information

    Standard (28″ x 36″): $15

  • Tubed (28″ x 36″): $20
  • Laminated (28″ x 36″): $30
  • Maps can be purchased at National Geographic Maps.

For more information:

National Geographic Map’s: Shipwrecks

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