New Stuff: Accon Cleat-Rod Holder Combo


 Ideal for DIY boaters and fishermen is the innovative 6″ Cleat/Rod Holder Combo from Accon Marine. The product incorporates a secure, flush-mount rod holder and 6″ pull-up cleat in a single, compact unit. Made of marine-grade 316 stainless steel, it accepts all standard fishing rods and is available in models with 0°, 15° or 30° rod retention angles. The integrated cleat retracts flush when not in use, eliminating the chance of snagged fishing lines.

This space-saving combo measures just 7.57″ L x 3.74″ W x 8.38″ D to fit a wide array of powerboats or sailboats. Mounting is easy, requiring just four 1/4″ stainless screws.

Price: $96.42
Contact: Accon Marine