New Stuff: Fender Suspenders/Fender Extender System 2.0


The Fender Suspenders/Fender Extender system was re-released last year with several notable improvements. The Fender Extender, originally offered in 1” and 1.5” widths, now includes a 2” version for larger boats and fenders.

Fender Extender

The Fender Extender makes it easy to achieve the perfect fender placement on virtually any boat, whether the fender is hung from a cleat (with or without a dock line already attached), grab handle, or bow rail.

With one quick click of the buckle and an easy pull on the Extender strap, the fender can be adjusted to the correct height and locked in place. This provides the boater with consistent, reliable fender placement, while eliminating the guesswork.

Fender Extenders are now offered in over 15,000 possible color combinations and feature improved synthetic hardware. Also, the fender line has been upgraded to a nylon double-braid with a fully spliced eye to enhance the overall performance of the product.

New to the Fender Suspenders line this year is the D-Series for dockside only use.  It combines the adjustability of the Fender Extender with the universal Fender Suspenders for a unique and versatile way to attach any fender to any sized dock post or piling.

Price: $29.50/pair
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