New Stuff: Furuno DRS4D-NXT Doppler Radar


The new DRS4D-NXT from Furuno is a solid-state radar with pulse-compression and Doppler-frequency, shift-sensing technology, built into a compact 24” radome. The “next generation” radar is designed for use with Furuno’s NavNet TZtouch and TZtouch2 multifunction displays.

One of the radar’s many features is Target Analyzer, which automatically changes the color of approaching targets to clearly show hazards. Green echoes represent stationary targets, land or approaching targets moving at less than 3 knots. Targets turn red when approaching at a speed of 3 knots or faster. Target Analyzer works independently of the host vessel’s speed.
Additionally, Doppler technology allows the radar to acquire and track targets in virtually every sweep, providing instant data on target speed and course vector. Also, ARPA signal processing can display and track up to 100 targets in a single sweep. All targets can be viewed, monitored and tracked simultaneously, at any range. For an even more detailed display, target trails and Furuno’s True Trail feature can be employed, allowing the user to graphically see the direction in which a target is moving.
The radome itself emits a 3.9-degree horizontal beam width, which can be sharpened by employing the RezBoost feature. With RezBoost set to maximum, the radome beam width is synthetically sharpened to the equivalent of 2 degrees, providing enhanced target separation that was previously only available with larger, open-array antennas.
An all-new Bird Mode is yet another standard feature of the DRS4D-NXT. With a single selection on the MFD, the radar automatically adjusts settings for echo enhancement to help locate birds, making it a critical tool for fishing.


Price: $2,600
Furuno U.S.A.

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