New Stuff: Nautical Scout Collapsible Cookware


If space is at a premium on board your boat (when is it not?), check out the line of innovative, collapsible cookware from Nautical Scout. The line includes pots, pans, kettles, bowls, buckets, funnels, pet bowls, coffee drippers, tea infusers and more, all made of flexible, food-safe, non-toxic materials. What’s more, the silicone-sided stovetop cookware heats faster and stays warm longer, providing a 25%-50% energy savings over conventional cookware.

The stovetop collection can be used with induction, electric and gas heating elements, while the multi-oven collection goes from freezer to oven to serving tray and back to the refrigerator for storage, all in elegant containers.

The flexible silicone surfaces of the products makes them non-slip and quieter when underway, as well as dishwasher and microwave safe.

Price: $7- $65 
Nautical Scout
(617) 922-7630