New Stuff: Ocean Kayak Redesigned Trident Series

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Ocean Kayak has completely revamped its popular Trident Series saltwater fishing kayaks to include the addition of the Active Comfort System 2.0 (ACS2) seating, a redesigned “Mod Pod” for gear management, gunwale accessory tracks, increased storage capacity, and a handy, quick-stow paddle holder.

The ACS2 backrest height adjusts up and down for optimal lumbar support and to accommodate various PFD styles—and improved thigh support without changing the center of gravity. Seat height adjustments can be made quickly and efficiently via easy-to-use, grooved tracks.

The new Mod Pod design is slightly narrower for increased thigh room and to allow easier stand-up fishing. The folding Mod Pod hatch comes standard with 2 trays that accommodate the footprint of Plano 3600 tackle boxes and also slides fore and aft for access to the hull interior. Also includes a cup holder and locking dry storage to protect smartphones, wallets, chargers, tools, and other items, and is magnetized to hold clippers, pliers, knives, fishing lures, and other metal tools.

Seven flush aluminum track mounts allow for quick rigging of accessories such as rod holders, electronics, and POV camera mounts. Mounting plates on both the Mod Pod and boat allow easy rigging of fishfinders.

The bow hatch still provides access to a massive storage area and the included 12-volt battery bag for fishfinder and accessory power. The bow also features a redesigned paddle-keeper for quick paddle-stashing when fighting a fish, and also includes rod tip protectors. New Trident models also feature the addition of a rear hatch for increased gear storage.

Additionally, the aft tank well has been redesigned to allow flush mounting of Ocean Kayak’s new Ice Box, a specially designed cooler that fits both Ocean Kayak Trident and Old Town Predator Series kayaks, allowing convenient behind-seat storage of fish on ice or simple conversion to live well with the addition of an aerator. The Ice Box retails for $250.

All new Trident models also feature adjustable foot braces and are rudder-ready with purchase of a separate rudder kit. New Trident models also feature hard, rubber-molded carry handles that resist snagging.

Trident 13 Details

  • DIMENSIONS:  15’ 6” x 28 1/2”
  • WEIGHT:  91 lbs.
  • CAPACITY:  455 lbs.
  • COLORS:  Brown Camo, Urban Camo, Orange Camo, Lemongrass
  • Price:  $1,500

Trident 11 Details

  • DIMENSIONS:  11’ 6” x 30 1/2”
  • WEIGHT:  71 lbs.
  • CAPACITY:  305 lbs.
  • COLORS:  Brown Camo, Urban Camo, Orange Camo, Lemongrass
  • Price:  $1,200