New Stuff: Penn Fish-Cleaning Knives


The new Penn-designed fillet and fish-cleaning knives are made with German stainless steel and feature a razor-sharp, 26-degree edge. Meanwhile, the black-nickel titanium coating helps prevent corrosion. Each knife is finished with an ergonomic, non-slip rubber handle and comes with a safeguard sheath.

The 8-inch Curved Breaking Knife is tough enough to slice through thick backbones, tough skin and stubborn scales. It makes an ideal steaking knife.

The 8” Serrated Knife edge has more cutting surface than a smooth blade, allowing it to cut through the fillet quicker with less effort. The serrated blade also holds its sharpness longer than a smooth blade.


The Standard Flex Fillet Knives are offered in 7” and 8” blade lengths. These smooth-edged knives slice through meat with a clean, accurate cut. The blade flexes to conform to the shape at hand, leaving less meat on the bone.

For smaller fish or more precise work, the 6” Firm Flex Knife fills the bill. It features a slightly stiffer blade than the standard flex, the blade still conforms to the work at hand for less wasted meat.

Price: $20 to $25
(800) 892-5444