New Stuff: Raymarine Quantum Wireless CHIRP Radar


The Raymarine Quantum CHIRP radar is the industry’s first recreational marine radome featuring CHIRP pulse compression technology that delivers high-quality imaging in both long- and short-range settings.

Quantum’s CHIRP Pulse Compression technology uses multiple compressed, radar pulses with FLIR’s exclusive ATX advanced target separation technology to display boats, landmarks, rocks, buoys, and weather cells with high resolution and separation quality. In tight quarters, Quantum’s CHIRP technology allows identification of targets as close as 18’, while offshore it delivers long-range imagery and accurate target returns.

Quantum’s onboard processing also automatically eliminates rain and sea clutter, blocks interference from other radars, and ensures a noise-free, easy-to-interpret image in congested waterways.

At only 12 pounds, Quantum weighs 50% less than traditional magnetron radars. Quantum also breaks new ground with WiFi networking to Raymarine MFDs, making installation easier and eliminating the need for additional radar cabling or interface boxes.

Price: $1,600