New Stuff: The Complete Outdoors Encyclopedia

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Outdoor Life Editor Emeritus and Senior Field Editor has sampled enough hunting, boating, fishing, camping and other outdoorsy pursuits to last several lifetimes—and he’s still going strong! His knowledge of the outdoors truly is encyclopedic, so perhaps it was inevitable that he produce the Complete Outdoor Encyclopedia.

CompleteOutdoorsEncyclopediaNewly revised and updated, this classic tome serves as a how-to guide to virtually all things outdoors-related, from game fish ID to wilderness survival to fly tying. Chapters on shooting, fishing, boating, archery, first aid and camping provide detailed descriptions of equipment and its uses, techniques, helpful tips, useful knots, and more, accompanied by numerous easy-to-comprehend line drawings, color illustrations and photographs.

For example, the chapter “Hunting & Shooting” details such esoterica as rifle stocks, bullet shapes and gun sights, as well as why barrel rifling helps with accuracy. It also includes descriptions of various North American game animals, their habitat and various ways to trap them. The chapter on “Fishing” teaches, among other things, a wide range of angler’s knots, how to clean and fillet fish, popular fly patterns and the various types of fishing gear available, as well as how to identify salt and fresh water game species. “Camping” covers subjects such as tent and sleeping bag selection, camp food, how to build a campfire and much more.

This ultimate how-to manual makes a wonderful addition to the library of any outdoorsman, no matter what his or her level of expertise or age. And while it’s impossible to cover all facets of the outdoors in a single book, this one comes pretty close!

Price: $35 (paperback)
Published by Universe Publishing and available through Amazon. HERE