New Stuff: Tsunami Slimwave Rods

Tsunami’s new Slimwave rods were designed for “slow pitching”—a technique that requires maintaining contact between the rod tip and a slow-falling, specialized jig. To achieve this, Slim Wave rods feature a parabolic blank that bends fully and straightens slowly.

Slim Wave blanks are constructed of strong, resilient, solid Nano-carbon. A proprietary blend of minute Nano particles is mixed with a matrix resin that holds the 100% carbon fibers together.  The result is a super-slim, solid-carbon blank that can bend 180 degrees and delivers extraordinary lifting power.

Blank characteristics include 25% better impact resistance, 30% increased strength, 50% higher flexural strength and 22% higher compression resistance over traditional graphite rods.

Outfitted with Fuji exposed-blank graphite reel seats, Concept “O” braid-ready guides and slim, lightweight, high-density EVA grips, all Tsunami Slim Save rods are covered by a 3-year limited warranty.


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