Waveblade Busts Barnacles

The new Waveblade barnacle remover from Wavecraft LLC effortlessly removes biofouling organisms from any type of hull surface, as well as propellers, shafts, drives and trim tabs, both above and below the waterline.

Waterproof to 15 feet, the Waveblade has a powerful oscillating head that delivers a high-frequency resonance through a coated steel scraper blade to remove barnacles and worm casings. The wave power of the compact, lightweight hand tool removes fouling much faster than traditional methods, leaving bottom paint intact. The Waveblade uses a safe, standard 12V DC power source and is attached to a 45-foot cable to provide substantial reach from the surface.

The Waveblade can be used with 4 different blades:

  • A 3″ multipurpose scraper in powder-coated steel for bulk removal (comes standard)
  • A flat chisel scraper (also standard)
  • A 3″ multipurpose scraper for delicate surfaces
  • Half-round and chisel scrapers for tighter areas
  • All blades are available in powder-coated steel or stainless-steel for underwater use.

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