IRIS NightSpotter Night Vision Scope


The new NightSpotter thermal-imaging scope from Iris Innovations is a portable night-vision tool, enhancing safety and security at sea. The NightSpotter works by processing the heat radiation emitted by objects to produce crisp, high-resolution video images. Because NightSpotter produces images based on an object’s ambient heat, it can be used in the absence of light.

Available with either 384 x 288 or 240 x 160 resolution, the scope can be used to detect hidden objects, channel markers, debris and even people in the water, making it a valuable safety and MOB device.

The lightweight scope features a built-in, high-power LED light, composite video output and adjustable focus setting, up to 4X digital zoom, white-hot, black-hot and red-hot functions and adjustable brightness controls.



384 x 288 Resolution
19mm Lens
Field of View: 28.36˚ x 21.46˚
Digital Zoom x2 & x4


160 x 120 Resolution
14.8mm Lens
Field of View: 15.39˚ x 11.57˚
Digital Zoom x2
Refresh Rate: 25Hz
Environmental Rating: IP66
Composite Video Output
8 Hour Battery Operation
Built LED flashlight

Price: $2,795 (starting)

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