NOAA Reveals 2014 Fisheries Landings Values

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According to the new edition of NOAA Fisheries’ annual report, Fisheries of the United States 2014, New Bedford, MA, had the highest valued catch among any single port in the country at $328.8 million for 140 million pounds landed, due mostly to the high market price for sea scallops.

Sea scallops accounted for more than 76.6% of the value of New Bedford landings, according to the report. This marks the 15th year in a row that New Bedford ranked first in landings value.

Despite New Bedford’s contribution, Massachusetts ranked 3rd behind Alaska (No. 1) and Maine (No. 2) for highest statewide landings value. The dockside value of all commercial marine species harvested in Maine last year was $547.6 million, while landings in Massachusetts were worth $524.7 million. This is the first time Maine has surpassed Massachusetts in landings value, due to the high market price of lobster.