Norwalk, CT, Maritime Aquarium Renovations Update

Norwalk Aquarium, photo by ## Caryn B. Davis## Officials at The Maritime Aquarium at Norwalk are hopeful that exhibits and activities will keep visitors coming through the doors during the $4.3 million renovations that are scheduled to begin after Labor Day and wrap up in time for school break in February.

The big “new wows” coming out of the renovations will be a 40-foot shark-and-ray touch tank and a 40-foot interactive map of Long Island Sound, where children will be able to match animals to the habits in which they live.

For now, attention is focused on ‘Dinosaur Summer,’ an exhibit set to open today (June 18) and run through Labor Day, as well as regular offerings, according to Jennier Herring, Maritime Aquarium president and CEO.

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