Norwalk River Restoration This Sunday

Norwalk River Restoration Project: We will be planting native willow and other shrubs to help restore an eroding section of stream. Photo/Trout Unlimited

The Mianus, Connecticut, Chapter of Trout Unlimited will conduct a restoration project this Sunday, May 22, at 2:00 p.m. on the Norwalk River.

Chapter volunteers will be planting native willow and other shrub species along a stretch of river threatened by erosion. The plantings will create a tight net of roots to hold the soil in place while also providing shade and cover to the river, protecting trout in the process.

Norwalk River Restoration Project: A volunteer drags a pine tree to a conifer revetment on the Norwalk River (2007) Photo/Trout Unlimited

Volunteers should bring waders and gloves; the chapter will take care of the rest.

The project takes place off a walking trail from School Road in Wilton. Parking is available along the grass shoulder off School Road; just be sure not to park in front of the gravel hiking trail, as this is an access road for town of Wilton mowers and other equipment.

Following the planting, volunteers might want to take out their rods and spend the evening fishing this stretch of stream. (On Saturday there were a half-dozen trout rising to caddis in the pool where the planting will take place.)

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Mianus: Trout Unlimited

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