Novel Details Swordfishing off Block Island

Peter Wood of the Block Island Times reviews a new novel based on the heyday of harpoon swordfishing by Block Island fisherman and author Jack Lynch, which Wood calls, “our own home grown Izaac Walton”.

Wood goes on:

[“Lynch] has crafted his own grand story of fish and the sea, this one centered on Block Island. In a slim, 178-page volume titled simply ‘Sword’ he describes in exacting and exciting detail how that improbably armed fish weighing hundreds of pounds was once harpooned in great numbers off our shores. His story is skillfully illustrated by the pen of artist William Hall, who himself as a lad on his father’s boat had harpooned swords.

“For many young men growing up on the island, faced as they are today with the choice of pounding nails or leaving on the ferry, the chance to go to sea to iron big fish for cash in their pockets and perhaps one day owning their own boat made the era Lynch writes of a heady time.”

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Block Island Times

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Island Bound Bookstore

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