Officials Seek Funding for Wareham River Dredging

Town officials in Wareham, MA, are seeking funds to dredge the Wareham River’s federal navigation channel, which would deepen it and make it safer for recreational boaters.

According to Wareham Week, Wareham Harbormaster Gerry Buckminster said that a deeper channel would reduce the risk of boats running aground and would open it up to larger vessels, possibly improving the town’s ability to attract tourists.

“It would reinvigorate the channel and allow for more commercial activity,” said Jepson. “We all know in a seaside community public access to the water has a successful impact.”

The federal channel is approximately 1 mile long, 125 feet wide and runs from near Parkwood Beach to the Narrows. Created in 1897 by the federal government, the channel was last dredged in the 1950s.

Buckminster said another dredging is overdue. Currently, the channel is less than 4 feet deep in some places.

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